Privacy Policy

1.Collection, use, and disclosure of personal information

When collecting your personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of use and the extent of disclosure of your personal information.

We will collect your personal information via legal and fair means.

We will not supply or disclose your personal information to third parties except in cases where you have agreed beforehand or where it is required by law.

2.Maintenance of accuracy and security

We will make reasonable efforts to manage your personal information in an accurate and up-to-date manner.

To that end, we will implement every measure required to prevent unauthorized access to and the loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.

3.Responding to inquiries regarding personal information

We will respond to your requests to view, alter, or delete your personal information as promptly as possible by appointing staff members dedicated to the protection of personal information.

4.Compliance with laws and regulations

We will fully comply with laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information.

5.Continuous improvement

We will make ongoing efforts to maintain a personal information protection system and improve it in a continuous manner in light of changes in circumstances and social trends.

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