Living Environment

Niigata Prefecture


There is an airport in Niigata Prefecture, which links to Haneda and Narita airports, offering excellent domestic access to the Tokyo metropolitan area.

”Liveable” City Niigata

Compared with Tokyo, Niigata is a “liveable” city as prices are relatively low, meaning less financial burden on you, and crime is rare.





Tokyo… 50,000 yen/month

Niigata… 28,000 yen/month

Cost of living (food and utility costs)

Tokyo… 50,000 yen/month

Niigata… 27,000 yen/month

Number of recognized serious crimes (January to December, 2014 by the National Police Agency)

Tokyo… 1,926/year

Niigata… 140/year

* When three people share a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a dining room (2DK).

* These are market prices.

Part-time Work

Many students have part-time jobs to cover living expenses.

Major part-time jobs

Place of part-time work

Job description

Estimated monthly pay

Convenience store

Cashier, product display

75,040 yen


Preparation for opening a store, cleaning

76,160 yen


Guestroom cleaning

78,400 yen


Hall, kitchen

89,600 yen

Food factory

Packing prepared food

78,400 yen

University, Hospital


79,520 yen

Ramen shop

Hall, kitchen

89,600 yen



84,000 yen

Hotel, Banquet hall

Serving guests, washing dishes

95,200 yen

* Most part-time workers in Japan are paid by the hour. The estimated monthly pay is based on work of 28 hours per week (4 weeks per month).

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