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We invite persons who want to learn Japanese soccer and aim to become global players.


This was the only soccer college established in the year when the FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan was held. As a player development school for the J1 League and ALBIREX NIIGATA, the college offers a near professional environment where students develop their skills. There is also a course for instructors, which is led by instructors certified by the Japan Football Association. The college develops human resources who learn Japanese soccer and aim to become global players or instructors.

Employment Track Record

The college has produced 35 professional soccer players and many workers in the football industry.

Career Guidance

Our dedicated staff provide personal guidance to each student.

Major places of employment

Professional soccer teams in Japan, such as ALBIREX NIIGATA and KAWASAKI FRONTALE


Soccer Major

Under the coaches certified by the Japan Football Association, students aim to become professional soccer players in three years.

Women's Soccer Major

Students belong to a high-level league, the Japan Women's Football League 2, and receive training to become professional soccer players.

Coach & Referee Major

Students learn in classes in line with the coach development program of the Japan Football Association to become soccer coaches or referees.

Trainer Major

Students acquire soccer trainer skills through practical training of over 1000 hours per year.

Manager & Trainer Course

Students aim to become professional soccer equipment managers, a familiar job in Europe and South America, the home of soccer.

Soccer Business Course

This is a course to develop human resources who manage soccer as a business, such as the front office staff of J. League teams.


address 925-1 Ajirohama, Seiro Town, Kitakanbara-gun, Niigata
URL http://www.cupsnet.com/

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