College of Foreign Language, Tourism and Airline Studies AIR

Let's learn foreign languages (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese) and play a leading role in the world!


Japanese and international students are enrolled at the college. International students mainly aim to improve their Japanese skills and pass the Japanese Language Aptitude Test. The college aims to develop international students into human resources who can work in Japan or overseas by deepening their understanding of Japan through classes on Japanese culture, geography, and history. International students with high Japanese proficiency can select a specialized field of study, such as tourism and airline-related careers.

Employment Track Record

A 100% employment rate achieved each year (foreign-affiliated hotel, airline, and tourism industries)

Career Guidance

The college has established a section dedicated to employment and built close relationships with industries. The employment section collaborates with class supervisors and students to introduce the best job available for each student.

Major places of employment

For international students: AMAN TOKYO, Hyatt Regency, Airport Terminal Service, Airport Security Business Center, Chuetsu Unso, SIEMENS


Interpreter/Guide Course (two-year program)

Students aim to improve their foreign language proficiency (students select a language from among Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese) and obtain national qualifications for travel supervisors.

Global English Communication Course (two-year program)

Students acquire English language skills and hospitality, which are required for customer service in English.

Child English Education (two-year program)

Students aim to obtain nursery school teacher and kindergarten teacher's licenses while improving their English skills. (Partnered with a junior college)

English Education and University Course (four-year program)

Students improve their English skills and acquire teacher's licenses for teaching English at elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools. ("Double school" program with a university)

Asian Languages Course (two-year program)

Students acquire Korean or Chinese skills and aim to work in Asia.

International Airline Course (two-year program)

Students acquire the best possible hospitality and manners in the service industry and aim to become cabin attendants or other professionals in the airline industry.

Travel Business and Tourism Course (two-year program)

Students aim to obtain two national qualifications indispensable for the travel business and become specialists who support the tourism industry.

Travel and Airline Service Professionals Major (one-year program)

This course targets vocational college, junior college, and university graduates. Students acquire knowledge required in the tourism or airline industry in one year.

Language Major (one year)

This course targets vocational college, junior college, and university graduates. Students aim to improve their language skills, including Japanese.

Japanese Course (two years/one and a half years)

This course targets international students who wish to learn Japanese from the basics. After graduation, most of them study at other colleges in Japan.


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