International College of Welfare and ChildcareWM

A general college of child care, care work and welfare


Since the establishment of the college 22 years ago, over 5,000 graduates have obtained jobs as certified care workers, certified social workers, psychiatric social workers, nursery school teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers, and school nurses. Students acquire teamwork and communication skills through a variety of event training programs and volunteer activities.

Employment Track Record

Informal employment offer rate: 99.5%

Career Guidance

Solid support tailored to each student's needs, characteristics and aptitude is provided through collaboration between class supervisors and career guidance office staff.

Major places of employment

Atago-fukushikai/Heartful Atago/Hakuchonosato/AIKOKAI/Hidamari Nursery School/Fujimi Kindergarten/Niigata Prefectural Government/Nagaoka City Government and many others


Care & Welfare Course

Students aim to obtain national certification for care workers in two years at the earliest. Students can select a seminar from among care business, environment, and sports.

Elderly Care & Child Education Course

In this course, students can aim to obtain national certification for care workers, a nursery school teacher's license, and a kindergarten teacher's license.

General Welfare Course

Students can obtain credits required to take a national examination for certified social workers through a double school system with Nihon Fukushi University in three years at the earliest.

Psychology & Welfare Course

Students aim to obtain two licenses for certified social workers and psychiatric social workers.

Nursery School Education Course

In this course, students can study to obtain the nursery school teacher's license + music, healthcare, and play qualifications.

Child Welfare & Education Course

Students can aim to obtain two licenses: nursery teacher's license and kindergarten teacher's license. Students can acquire expertise for both child care and welfare and thereby expand their job opportunities.

Childhood Education Course

Students can aim to obtain four licenses: nursery teacher's license, kindergarten teacher's license, elementary school teacher's license, and school nurse's license.

Welfare & Communication Program

Students acquire communication skills through practice classes. Students can obtain qualifications for elderly care or child education by selecting a respective course.


address 7-935 Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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