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Through our program, 1514 international students have graduated from Japanese colleges.

Wenbin Shi from China

College of Foreign Language, Tourism and Airline Studies (AIR)

I developed an interest in Japan through Japanese animation and games and came to Japan two years ago. While I did not have any specific future plan at the beginning, learning English and tourism at this college has aroused my interest in working in the tourism industry.
I hope that you will also tap into your true abilities by overcoming the fear of failure. “Failure is nothing special, but success makes you a real, independent person.”

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc from Vietnam

New World Institute of Total Fashion (NITF)

I love Japanese culture and fashion and have long wanted to study abroad in Japan. When I was a senior at a Vietnamese university, I decided to study in Japan as I received a scholarship from a Japanese college. At NITF, I plan to deepen my understanding of Japanese fashion and culture. My future plan is to launch my own brand. Toward this goal, I will continue doing the best I can.

Lee Seungjun from Korea

Japan Soccer College (CUPS)

I had long known ALBIREX NIIGATA to which some players of the Korean national team belong and decided to enter CUPS, which is strongly associated with ALBIREX NIIGATA. My dream is to enhance my soccer skills at CUPS and become a player of ALBIREX NIIGATA.

Message from foreign students about their job hunting

■Niigata Computer College


■Republic of the Philippines

■Advanced IT Course

■Nihon Technos Co., Ltd

■operation engineer

■Niigata Computer College


■Russian Federation

■Game Design Course three-year and two-year programs

■Freedom Co., Ltd


■Niigata International Automobile College



■Automobile Service Course

■Hikari Automobile Co.,Ltd

■Automobile mechanic

Vocational Education

The NSG College League offers vocational education that reflects the needs of society and that is based on educational collaboration with its parent company, the NSG Group, and other companies.

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