International Image Media Collegei-MEDIA

We promise that students can obtain jobs in the field of vocal actors, actors, TV, or movies.


Professional instructors whom professionals admire teach only for you in a passionate manner. They give exact advice by properly evaluating the current and future situations of each student. Students can also gain field experience through our internship program. Students aim to become professionals in their desired field with admirable schoolmates and teachers who render them complete support!

Employment Track Record

Many students have obtained jobs in vocalist training schools and acting schools. It is possible for students to make their debut while in college through our internship program.

Career Guidance

We give thorough employment guidance including the basics of job-hunting activities. We also provide many field work opportunities for students to experience the industry firsthand.

Major places of employment

Vocal actor training schools, acting schools, theatrical groups, video production companies, and film distributors.


Voice Actor Course

Students acquire skills to "express themselves." Since phonation, pronunciation, recitation, and acting skills can be learned from the basics, even beginners can feel at ease in the course.

Actor & Talent Course

The course aims to develop actors/actresses and talents who can take a leading role in any situation. Students can receive lessons in a simulated studio environment.

TV Production Course

Students acquire practical skills through internships. They learn the basics of TV and image production to get jobs in the coveted television business.

Film Production Course

Students learn the basics of image and film production. The course offers Japan's top-class facilities, equipment, and practice environment.


address 6-976 Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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