All Japan Winter Sports College JWSC

Turning snowboarding or skiing into a career!


This is the only winter sports college in Japan. Students learn snowboarding and skiing in a systematic manner in Myoko, Niigata, one of the areas of heavy snowfall in Japan. A roughly five-month training program is conducted using ski slopes around Myoko. The college develops athletes and human resources that can play a leading role in the winter sports industry through direct coaching by active athletes and coaches.

Employment Track Record

The college has produced 41 professional snowboarders in 16 years since its establishment.

Career Guidance

In addition to personal guidance tailored to each student's needs by class supervisors, the college supports students' job-hunting activities by acquiring job offers via industry networks.

Major places of employment

PRINCE HOTELS, INC., Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd., Myokosan Snow Board School, GALA Yuzawa Ski Club, Taiyo Sports Co., Ltd. and others


Snowboard Major

Through small-group lessons by top-class snowboarders who are active athletes in Japan and overseas, students aim to win prizes in competitions and acquire professional snowboarder qualifications.

Ski Major

Students aim to become top-class skiers or instructors who come up big in Japan and overseas under the year-round direct coaching by professional coaches in the industry.

Professional Development Course

This is a course where students aim to further enhance their skills as athletes in one year.


address 76 Haradori, Myoko City, Niigata

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