Expenses, Education and Jobs

Support for Education and Employment

Japanese Language Learning

There is a solid system in place, which enables international students to first learn Japanese and then receive professional education.

Japanese Course Introduction Video

Employment Support

Tuition and other expenses

The NSG College League has set up a special tuition plan only for international students to encourge them to study at Japanese colleges and fulfill their dreams.

Entrance Fee: 0〜100,000 yen Tuition: 550,000〜1,350,000 yen/year

* There are other expenses, such as costs of learning materials. For more details, please contact each college.

Scholarships and other financial assistance programs for international students

Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
  • Privately financed international students who are enrolled at a member college of the NSG College League, who excel in academics and have good qualities, and who have difficulty continuing their studies due to some financial reasons.
  • The number of scholarship nominees and the selection process shall follow the scholarship implementation guidelines by the Japan Student Services Organization.
  • The scholarship amount of 48,000 per month will be awarded for one year from April of the year when you were selected as a recipient of the scholarship to March in the following year.
International Student National Health Insurance Subsidy

With the aim of ensuring that international students can lead a secure student life with access to medical care, the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation offers a national health insurance subsidy that covers part of the insurance costs (5,000 yen) that international students must pay.

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