College of Traditional Culture, Environment and Welfare SADO

Learning Japanese style on an attractive island where nature and people coexist


In collaboration with the administration and local companies, the college implements repairs and restorations of existing temples and shrines, environmental surveys, environmental restoration work, and practical training at elderly care facilities as part of classes. Through these programs, students acquire professional knowledge and skills firsthand.

Employment Track Record

Employment rate: 100%

Career Guidance

There is a free employment placement office on campus, where class supervisors and employment office staff collaborate to provide employment guidance to each student.

Major places of employment

Iwase Shrines & Temples Co., Ltd., GOTO Shrines-and-Temples Co., Ltd., RYUMONYAKI, Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau, i-mark Kankyo Co., Ltd., Heartful Atago, Sado City Council of Social Welfare


Traditional Architecture Course (three-year and four-year programs)

Students study to become qualified for the second-class architect examination and learn traditional architecture skills. The course aims to develop professional construction carpenters.

Natural Environment Conservation Course (two-year program)

By leveraging the rich nature of Sado, the course aims to develop work-ready specialists who are capable of dealing with various environmental issues.

Tourism & Planning Course (two-year program)

Using Sado's nature, history, and culture as textbooks, the course aims to develop human resources who can create new tourism plans that leverage regional characteristics.

Ceramic Design Course (two, three and four-year programs)

Students learn ceramic expertise, skills, and design and enhance their shaping ability and creativity to become ceramic artists who can play a leading role in the ceramic industry.

Elderly Care Course (two-year program)

The course aims to develop care workers who have the latest care and comforting skills and who can tap into the energy of each elderly person.


address 202-1 Chigusa, Sado City, Niigata

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