Apple Sports College ASC

Students will develop into professional athletes, trainers, workers in the sports business, nursery school teachers, or coaches!


This is a comprehensive sports college where students can study to become professional basketball players, track and field athletes, sports trainers, workers in the sports business, nursery teachers, instructors, or welfare workers. Based on a variety of on-site training programs and the nation's top-level track record in the acquisition of qualifications, which have been achieved by 21 years of tradition since its establishment, and strong collaboration with the ALBIREX professional football team, the college develops industry-ready human resources.

Employment Track Record

Employment rate: 100%

Career Guidance

We fulfill each student's desire to find employment in sports-related industries via our extensive graduate network that only a traditional school can have, on-campus company guidance meetings organized by the college, and thorough personal guidance by class supervisors.

Major places of employment

NIIGATA ALBIREX BB, Fuji Toranomon Orthopedic Hospital, Super Sports XEBIO, RENAISSANCE, Notre Dame Kindergarten, and Kawai Gymnastic School


Professional Trainer Course (three-year program for 30 students)

Students learn trainer skills through long-term on-site training programs and acquire qualifications in three years to become sports training specialists!

Sports Trainer Course (two-year program for 40 students)

Students aim to become work-ready sports trainers in two years at the earliest!

Health & Sports Course (two-year program for 40 students)

Students learn sports and childcare and aim to become health-related instructors/teachers/specialists!

Sports Business Course (two-year program for 40 students)

Students aim to become sales/maintenance staff at sports shops or management staff of professional teams.

Basketball Major (three-year program for 15 students)

Since the college is a player development school for NIIGATA ALBIREX BB, students aim to become professional basketball players or coaches.

Track and Field Major (two-year program for 15 students)

Students aim to become track and field athletes or coaches.

Advanced Sports Course (one-year program for 10 students)

This is a course for vocational college, junior college or university graduates. Students aim to acquire sport expertise in one year.


address 2-2-8 Nagata, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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