Japan Animation & Manga CollegeJAM

In the town of animation and manga, students learn animation and manga from the basics and aim to become professionals.


At JAM, even absolute beginners can feel comfortable learning how to draw pictures as classes start with the very basics of animation and manga, such as how to hold a pen and use drawing materials. Through a special curriculum geared to turning drawing skills into a job, any person can start working to become a professional. Aim to become a professional in animation and manga industries by learning the cool Japanese culture of manga, animation, illustration, and characters.

Employment Track Record

Informal employment offer rate: 100% Employment rate in the animation industry: 100% For the 15th consecutive year since its establishment, the college has produced 85 manga writers.

Career Guidance

With a focus on business manners, we provide support tailored to the desired career path, characteristics, and abilities of each student.

Major places of employment

GAINAX Co., Ltd., Production I.G., MADHOUSE, Inc., NAKAMURA PRODUCTION Co., Ltd., Thoris Co., Ltd.


Manga Creation Course

Students learn skills to create manga, such as how to draw persons and backgrounds, how to use tools to draw manga, and how to construct stories.

Comic Illustration Course

Students learn how to use a wide range of drawing materials and how to express various world views in one illustration.

Character Design Course

Students create attractive game characters and mascot characters for shops.

Animator Course

Professional animators come to the college every day to teach students. Students learn expertise and skills to produce Japanese animation from them.

Manga Illustration Master Course

Students acquire solid manga and illustration expertise and skills and aim to become professionals who can play a leading role in a variety of fields.


address 5-602-1 Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata
URL http://www.web-jam.jp/

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