Niigata Agriculture and Biotechnology CollegeABio

Make food, agriculture, and greenery, which are indispensable for our lives, into your job!


ABio focuses on field work! It offers a variety of unique practice classes: Environmental practice class on environmental purification via microorganisms and plants; a practice class on unprecedented mushroom cultivation in collaboration with private enterprises; full-year internships in collaboration with farmers where students learn everything from production to sales; plant management training at a partner botanical garden; and a very rare practice class on sake/wine/shochu brewing.

Employment Track Record

Employment rate: 97%

Career Guidance

Based on the collaboration between class supervisors and the employment guidance office, individual guidance is given to each student. Some students have received informal job offers from companies where they worked as interns.

Major places of employment

JA Echigochuo, JA Uonumaminami, KOMERI, Yamamoto Naeya, ISEKI Chugoku, OBATA SHUZO, OFUKU SHUZO, Bourbon, Yamazaki Seafood, Hibiya Kadan


Agricultural Business Course (two-year program)

Students learn future agriculture based on the "cultivation technology + agricultural business" approach and aim to become farmers who contribute to community development.

Agricultural Business Course (four-year program)

Students aim to become agriculture specialists by learning "technology and knowledge" at the college while taking courses (foreign languages, economics, and law) at a partner university at the same time.

Biotechnology Course (two-year program)

Students learn leading-edge food and environmental technologies and aim to become biotechnologists who support enriched living with biotechnology.

Biotechnology Course (four-year program)

Students can obtain "university graduation certificates"! Students deepen their understanding of advanced food and environmental technologies and aim to become advanced biotechnologists.

Garden Design Course (two-year program)

Students aim to become flower/gardening/landscaping specialists who leverage their skills and knowledge of flowers and greenery to provide comfort and peace to people's lives.


address 2-1-4 Nagata, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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