International College of Cooking & ConfectioneryFood

The college provides thorough education on foodstuffs to develop true professionals.


In an effort to develop real "food" professionals, the college focuses on foodstuffs education, practical education, international education, and humanity education. The college aims to develop chefs, cafe owners, pâtissiers, and boulangeries, who can fully bring out the flavor of each foodstuff. Through a team of experienced instructors, students learn the significance of "cooking from the heart."

Employment Track Record

Informal employment offer rate: 100% Employment rate in the food industry: 99.5%!

Career Guidance

In an effort to fulfill the dreams of each student, class supervisors, persons in charge of employment, and instructors in charge of specialized practical training collaborate with one another to support the job hunting activities of students.

Major places of employment

Hotel Nikko Niigata/MILIAL RESORT HOTELS/BEST PLANNING/Manchinro/TOH-TEN-KOH/Ryotei Ichishime/Gion Nishikawa/Théobroma and others


Cooking Course (one-year program for 80 students)

Students learn skills and obtain expertise in an integrated manner and aim to acquire a cooking license in one year!

Chef Course (two-year program for 40 students)

Students aim to become "authentic" chefs who can bring out the original flavor of each foodstuff and have solid cooking skills.

Healthy Cooking Course (two-year program for 40 students)

Students learn nutrition as well as cooking skills centering on disease-related special diets and two-stage cooking.

Café Course (two-year program for 80 students)

Students learn to become food business coordinators by promptly incorporating food trends.

Pâtissier Course (two-year program for 80 students)

Students aim to become "true" patissiers who focus on ingredients, flavor, and design and who have mastered advanced skills.


address 6-953-1 Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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