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Let's learn Japanese music and entertainment culture!


Students can learn in one of the best facilities in Japan including professional recoding studios and real live studios. There are courses not only to become artists, but also to obtain jobs as sound, lighting, or recoding staff. The college supports a wide range of music activities, including game music and music distributed over the Internet.

Employment Track Record

Employment track record: entertainment agencies, CD shops, music classes, music instrument stores, radio stations, TV stations, recording studios, and clubs with live music.

Career Guidance

Through more than 100 internship opportunities a year, students can experience actual professional work while in college.

Major places of employment



Vocal Course

Students acquire skills required of vocalists through voice training and turn singing, their most favorite thing, into a career.

Musician Course

Students' activities as artists are supported through various programs, such as on-campus auditions by prestigious record companies and releases of their own CDs while in college.

Dance Course

Students learn a variety of dances, such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop, rock, and breakdancing.

Wind Orchestra Course

Students acquire not only skills to perform mainly jazz and pop music, but also skills to repair musical instruments.

Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Course

This is the only course in Japan where students can learn Japanese traditional performing arts, including how to wear kimono, Japanese classical dance, and Japanese traditional popular songs!

Music Business Course

This is a course to develop professionals who support the music industry centering on concert, promotion, and production staff.

Sound & Lighting Course

Students acquire sound, lighting, and recording skills using professional equipment.


address 7-935 Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata

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